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Monday, 18 August 2014

Ebola... the recent world's health catastrophe

Ebola virus

EBOLA ..... The recent castosrophe in the world. All countries  are being trumbled with this virus. WHO ( world health organisation) declared this period as "INTERNATIONAL EMERGENCY OF PUBLIC HEALTH."
                 In 1976 , EBOLA virus was first found by  Peter Payath who was a scientist.  This was origened at SUDAN  in Jara village and at Kango in Yambuku village at atime. The villaga Yabuku is located in the bank of river EBOLA. so it is named so.

  • It is a highly dangerous virus which causes death in days span.  
  • The intensification is high and frightening the people. Ebola virus mainly exists in african bats. ebola effected meat, blood and body secrations are mainly caused for the spread of this decease.
  • If once it enters the human body, it spreads rapidly from one to another.
  • When it enters the human in 7 to 10 days seviour fever attacks and also throat pain , head ache, muscles pain follows.
  • Body becomes weak , strange dullness chomes, so that cant  go for any work.
  • All these symptoms are like normal viral fever. But few days later , health condition is to be too bad.
  • Vomitings and loose motions starts. Spots on the body found.
  • Kidneys, liver doesn"t work properly.
  • Internal bleeding is found in a few days. Gradually blood vomitings, bleeding from gums starts.
  •  WBC( WHITE BLOOD CELLS), PLATELETS count falls down liver enjymes increases at peak level and  finally it leads to DEATH.
So one must be aware of it and try to prevent in better way.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

What is meant for Health?

In today's life , man is troubling with his life to survive from some health problems. 

But in this mechanical world his strength, energy, attempt, struggle, zeal is not sufficient. 

Because everything is depended on our way of thinking. So the way that we choose to think expresses the way what we are going to do. 

One should have best "Health" to proceed in our life . 

If our physical health is good and sound then automatically we will be perfect in our mental health . So sound healthy body gives us a sound mind.But here a question rises- 

what is health? Health is nothing but without having any deceases, all the organs in our body- working in a highly good condition . 

A man who is healthy can face any physical challenges. 

He can manage mental tensions and can work efficiently . 

Good health increases our life span also. 

A healthy conditioned body can face some deceases easily, where as unhealthy man can't. 

The main variation is immunity.

So to over come this problem one should aware of FITNESS.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Health benefits of Honey-Honey as energy source-Honey Tips

Honey as energy source: Top 10 Honey Tips

Honey is a pure and fastest natural energy booster.
Honey is the natural remedy for more ailments from more than 5000 years honey has being used as a natural medicine,many of the ailments are reduce due to using of honey.
Honey is the great immunity builder.which build immunity naturally

Health benefits of Honey-about honey as energy source

History of Honey
Honey is a pure and fastest natural energy booster.Honey is the natural remedy for more ailments.from more than 5000 years honey has being used as a natural medicine,many of the ailments are reduce due to using of honey.Honey is the great immunity builder.which build immunity naturally.

Since the begining of time man has been


Alternate drinks for energy drinks
Health is the more important in any conditions. Energy drinks are not safe for Kids and women.
As per the Health News and experts says that energy drinks are not good for the instant energy.
Many people saying that taking energy drinks are not safe,but no one say the alternates for that one.